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Following the long and difficult journey (which is far from over!) Choice is pleased to announce that our Political Party Registration is now in the hands of the Electoral Commission.

Gordon Stirling was announced as the Party Leader.

Young and eager, Gordon is already out on the campaign trails!

His local council area is that of East Ayrshire, which is in desperate need of a complete overhaul.

As he states on the website: "I want to see more efficient services and cutting as much waste as possible. Local economic responsibility is really important to me. I am also passionate about helping people become more prosperous and free in their lives."

His right hand man, the Party's Treasurer, is Keyrin Von-Doring.

Keyrin has a background in the financial industry and is highly ambitious.

Larger than life, he excels in enthusiasm too with a strong determination to see libertarianism become a mainstream policy within UK politics. He sees a future where individuals are free to make the important decisions in their lives without the fear of a government organisation forcing them down a dangerous and risky path.

Christopher Wilkinson takes on the highly demanding role of Nomination Officer.

With a long list of politically motivated connections, Christopher brings value and some expertise to recruitment and promotion of our future candidates.

Bringing new candidates on board is one of the biggest challenges a new political party can face, a challenge that Christopher will relish in.

His background in media will also bring sources of media opportunities for the Leadership to take advantage of.

Choice's choice (pun intended) of Spokesperson for our Committee is the one and only - Mrs Stef McNamara.

Stef has a political history of many years and is keen to assist the Party's new Committee find it's feet and take us into the mainstream political arena.

Her experience was highly sought, especially once Choice learned of her resignation from her former positions.

No time was wasted in bringing her on board too!

Choice is currently the fastest growing political party in the UK right now. Join now and be part of history in the making!

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