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New Vacancy! - Chairperson

Title: Chairperson

Salary: £24,500 pro rata (£11.77 per hour)

Hours: Thursday evenings from 8pm, plus other hours as required. Occasional Saturdays as required.

Job Description: A key component of a busy work schedule is ensuring formal staff meetings are well organised. Could this be you?

This job is essential to those in the meetings as they are best served when they can keep on their agenda instead of losing sight of what they are there to do.

You will also be responsible for ensuring the organisation's transparency policy is upheld. This will include recording meetings and some basic video editing afterwards. Access to a computer, printer, webcam and microphone is important as these are the essential tools needed to do your job. Consumables are supplied by courier direct to your home. Appropriate expenses will be covered for you.

Training will be provided on internal communication systems, as well as training opportunities to expand in this career.

You will be required to speak at events such as at the Annual General Meetings and Conferences to ensure meeting agendas are adhered to.

Apply: Contact the organisation through the website chat function in the first instance to register your interest.

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