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New Vacancy! - Nomination Officer

Title: Nomination Officer

Salary: £24,500 pro rate (£11.77 per hour)

Hours: Flexible, Part time.

Job Description: Registered with the Electoral Commission, you will be responsible for vetting potential political candidates ahead of any elections.

This job can be quite demanding upon your time during a main election period, but the key thing is to balance the workload out throughout the year where possible.

Working from home, you'll be part of a team overseeing the administrative requirements of a political organisation. Access to a computer, printer, webcam and microphone is important as these are the essential tools needed to do your job. Consumables are supplied by courier direct to your home.

A driving licence is essential as you may be required to travel at the last minute to ensure a candidate is nominated should any issues arise. Appropriate expenses will be covered for you.

Training will be provided on internal communication systems, as well as training opportunities to expand in this career.

You will be required to speak at events such as Annual General Meetings and Conferences to report on the previous year's political elections and to recruit potential new candidates.

Apply: Contact the organisation through the website chat function in the first instance to register your interest.

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