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Nicola Sturgeon: "I detest Tories". Does That Include The Tartan Tories?

Who likes the Tories in Scotland? Let's be honest, there are a minority of those on the center-right and right that would actually vote for them if there was a better alternative to the mainstream parties. Voting for one of the other alternatives is like trying to vote for the least Socialist, left-leaning, populist nonsense. Choice for Prosperity aim to be the reliable alternative people are needing very very soon. We'll be an alternative that people can vote for, knowing they'll get what we say can be delivered for the better of the people and our overall economy. A Libertarian free market, that protects peoples rights, who will no longer blindly waste the tax payers money, that no longer religiously believe in failing entities such as the NHS and will ensure that people get to live the life they want, without government interference - so long as they aren't infringing on the rights of others.

There is a burning hatred to those of the Tory, center-right and right persuasion in Scotland. Choice's Scotland division also expect, at least in the early days, to harbour some of that hatred due to what we believe in. Those include, but are not limited to: Our beliefs in a free market, our beliefs regarding the rigorously protected NHS being a failure and our belief in capitalist economics. We have decades upon decades worth of state-educated and indoctrinated left-wing political rivals who will be vying for our blood. How dare we suggest policies that go against the grain of what has been hotwired into their brains from an early age?

We live in a society where the BAME communities are being treated with "equality". Of course Choice have no issue with BAME communities being treated as such, equals. We would be absolute hypocrites to want anything else, as Libertarians. What we do not believe in, however, is people being treated differently because they are from a BAME community. For example, campaigns ran by the state funded police specifically for the sole intention of discriminately hiring people based on their minority backgrounds. Thus, eliminating the chance for those out with those backgrounds to be hired over the BAME candidates. This means people are no longer being hired based on skill, and instead are being hired based on their ethnicity. Yet, when the opposite of this happened 30-60 years ago and whites were being hired over those from minority backgrounds, it is rightfully classed as an outrage. Why now is it the other way about?

Another example are the speech laws initially set up to protect those of the BAME communities. Yet, when there is a "crime" committed against those on the right in this country, it usually falls on deaf ears. Of course, that does not suggest for one moment that Choice believe the centre-right and right in this country should benefit from those idiotic speech laws implemented by the Scottish or indeed UK Governments. That would be playing into the hands of the lawmakers. After all, the reason why such speech laws are implemented is for the Government to gain more control over what people can and cannot say. Soon enough, these speech laws wont be protecting anyone but the Government. Let's look at protests for example. You've only got to look at section 3 of the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act 2022, to see how the Government now intends to deal with people protesting about anything. It means that all people can be subject to arrest should there be a request from the powers above. It doesn't matter how legitimate that protest may be, or how many virtue signalling points you'll obtain from being part of this protest, it still means you can be subject to arrest for merely doing so on the Governments say so.

However, it is noted that whenever someone like (for example) Caroline Farrow expresses her belief that someone's gender is biological, the police are extremely quick to lock her up. So, when someone such as Nicola Sturgeon comes out to say she "detests" Tories, it's apparently acceptable. Let's take that word for a second and dissect what she means when she says that she "detests" people simply because they are Conservative. To detest someone, is to dislike someone intensely. The word "hate" also falls into the same description as "detest". Yet Scotland's first minister is allowed to freely come away with such a divisive word about almost half of the people of the country she serves, with no repercussions?

It must be nice having lefty privileges like this.

Now ask yourself, what would be the reaction if a "white, cyst-gendered male" like myself, came out and said "I detest the LGBTQ+ movement" or "I detest the BLM movement"? Nicola Sturgeon's own Scottish Government would be instructing the police to go to my door faster than the tax-payers money disappearing on their Independence campaigns.

It's almost as if there is an Untermensch society in our country being created. Those who dare question the SNP, the left, the failing entity that is the NHS, the mixed corporatist economy we're currently living in, that is strangling the life out of the free market and the discriminatory nonsense people are being subjected to, to favour those in the aforementioned BAME communities, are being completely torn apart. Torn apart by those that blindly believe in the Scottish Government and those orchestrating such attacks at the top of our Government.

I, personally, am a huge Glasgow Rangers fan. The left in Scotland, upon learning about my football allegiances, will align me with the usual Unionist, Royalist, Tory tags that often come with supporting that glorious football club. I am none of those. My views have changed in recent years to a point where I couldn't care about Unionism or the Royals any longer. I've never been a Tory, but have always been flirting with a mix of centre-right and centre-left politics. I never had anyone to vote for until I came across the Libertarian movement a few years ago through my political ally, Scott McKelvie.

But the best example I can give anyone regarding the way people are being held to a completely different standard in Scotland, is the way the Rangers fans were treated during the 55 title celebrations in May 2021. The people in Scotland were still having their rights molested by the Scottish Government due to that "deadly" coronavirus that's almost non-existent today. Rangers fans DEFIED those in the Scottish Government and proudly went out to celebrate their team winning the title undefeated in George Square.

Of course, when you defy the Government like the way the Rangers fans done that day, it makes the Government look weak. So, as a knee-jerk response, the Police were ordered to treat the Rangers fans to a completely different standard that day inciting riots and violence on those celebrating. This has been confirmed very recently by various outlets leaking emails from Police Scotland chiefs, showing they were targeting Rangers fans before the celebrations even began.

Conveniently, the following day (16th May 2021), a left-leaning Pro-Palestine march was allowed without hesitation or prevention by those same forces (as it should be). We may not all be Rangers fans like myself, we may differ regarding some of their politics, but all everyone wants in this country is an equal platform.

Instead we have Nicola Sturgeon and indeed the SNP treating people to a completely different standard all because they disagree with their politics.

So, the title of this article asks "does that include the Tartan Tories?" After all, the SNP's biggest grievance against the Tories is that apparently they treat those of the poorest backgrounds differently to those of affluent backgrounds.

In the same way, do the Tartan Tories detest themselves for the neglect they have inflicted on those they treat differently in Scotland?

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