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Private Ownership of Animals

"Out in the wild, Humboldt penguins are currently classed as vulnerable on the IUCN red list, meaning they are likely to become endangered unless the circumstances threatening their survival improve." - Ciaran Vance Stirling News

Blair Drummond this week demonstrated once more that private ownership of animals can help protect many from becoming extinct, such as that of little Burtie the penguin (Pictured).

Companies such as Blair Drummond have a strong incentive to protect and grow these endangered species and can be vital in the longer term regeneration of their populations. Their resources and expertise are essential in order to be able to raise the funding to keep these promising returns in financial and humanitarian investments.

The public benefits by being able to visit to be entertained and also to learn more about various animals and birds that they might not see otherwise.

Tamara Edgar - Local Leader for Stirling Council Area.

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