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Stay Strong Gordon Stirling. A Party Update.

A message to our leader, Gordon Stirling: Stay strong and get well soon.

Choice Party UK would like to apologise for our absence. To say we have had teething issues setting up our party would be an understatement. However, we would like to confirm that we are still in the process of becoming registered via the electoral commission. Our application first time round was sadly declined due to a couple of obtuse finer details of our application by the EC. However, we are going to resubmit this application very soon once all of the minor points are cleared up.

The reason for our absence: We have been really busy. There is no other way of saying it other than our private lives have consumed our time. Our Treasurer, Keyrin, has this year found a new job as an Auditor - a job he has been seeking for a long while. Our DoMS has been continuing his career and has had personal things they have been dealing with, our party leader, Gordon, has been dealing with a few career related things also.

Our assurance to you: We will have our application resubmitted with all the necessary tweaks as soon as possible. We will become registered soon and you will see us out canvassing. That is a promise and will be reality soon. We apologise it has taken so long.

Finally and most importantly, we have received some absolutely awful news in the last few days regarding our Party Leader, Gordon. Unfortunately, he was involved in a crash on the A77. He is currently in a critical condition in hospital. Everyone at Choice Party UK would like to wish Gordon a very speedy recovery and extend a warm embrace to his family and friends who are currently impacted by such a traumatic event. We have known Gordon for a long while now and we can firmly say that he is one of the most passionate people about politics. He is unrivalled and unmatched with his raw passion to ensure we all have a better future, to ensure he is holding those in power to account and to ensure that the flag for Libertarianism is being flown high in the air.

He is a brilliant political ally, a brilliant party leader and most of all a brilliant friend and we are deeply worried for him at present. Our thoughts and our prayers are with him and his family. We will do everything we can to support all of them at present and moving forward.

Thanks again for reading and bearing with us. We will ensure, for Gordon our leader and for Libertarianism we will become registered soon to start officially fighting the good fight for our present and our future, a hopeful Libertarian future.

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