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Scottish Election Campaigners

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Scottish Leader:  Gordon Stirling

Personal Statement:  I want to see more efficient services and cutting as much waste as possible.  Local economic responsibility is really important to me.  I am also passionate about helping people become more prosperous and free in their lives.




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Scottish election campaigners are working hard to promote national services in a way that they can reduce the tax burden on already overstretched pockets whilst opening up services to improved choices for those that use them.

Holyrood Parliament is made up of eight regions. 

They are:

1: Central Scotland

2: Glasgow

3: Highlands and Islands

4: Lothian

5: Mid Scotland and Fife

6: North East Scotland

7: South Scotland

8: West Scotland

Scotland is made up of 32 councils. 

The list, and page links, can be found here:

Scottish Council Campaign Pages

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